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 Demoine has a passion to bring a positive message to all audiences young and old with his unique style of sharing his testimony through his saxophone.  He realized early in his career that there are some people who need to be reached through music.   

Although he's a hilarious Comedian and actor as well, his first love was music. Which today he is known to be an amazing saxophonist, and receives request to perform all over the country. After losing his father at the age of six, he was given the gift of music and carries his sax everywhere he goes. 

He tried to separate his gifting at one point, but soon realized that they were not given to exchanged one for another but used together in ministry. This anointed man now utilizes all the gifting to minister to the world. 

 When Mr. Kinney plays his sax, its as if you can literally hear the words to the songs being played and the passion behind each breathe will give you chills.  Music is a universal lanuage and allows Mr. Kinney to witness to anyone with his vibrate notes.  But his greatest gift ,is the heart that he has to serve God.


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I Miss Mattie-Demoine's latest Hit I Miss Mattie was written for his grandmother as a comedic joke about her friend mattie. Demoine was raised in the church and his comedy act is built upon church sitations and the people who he saw the most in church. I miss Mattie is a funny parody he wrote while stationed at Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany and he wanted to share it with the world.

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